All Back No Front #12


“We’re a band of dudes and we make music. That’s kinda what we do.”

The straight-talking Austin Brown of Parquet Courts is on the phone from New York on ABNF number 12 as Guest Informant. He picks something brilliant by Tyvek and talks about songwriting, early nights and peculiar rumours surrounding his band.

Elsewhere Detroit’s Protomartyr take the lead in an hour containing 13 songs, which include majestic string-swept house from Berlin, a Baltimore three-way, new material from Goat, Eleanor Friedberger and Hookworms and the first ever improvisational item to appear on the podcast, ill-considered links notwithstanding.

Thank you for listening. Full tracklist below. 


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All Back No Front podcast #12

1. Protomartyr‘In My Sphere’ (Urinal Cake) from album ‘No Passion All Technique’

2. Even Drones ‘B1’ (dnp-music) from ‘Two’ EP

3. Parquet Courts ‘N Dakota’ (What’s Your Rupture/Dull Tools) from album ‘Light Up Gold’

4. Peals ‘Blue Elvis’ (Dan Deacon remix)’ (Thrill Jockey) via Soundcloud

5. Goat ‘Stonegoat’(Rocket) single out 7th June

6. Run The Jewels(Killer Mike & El P) ‘Get It’ (Fool’s Gold) via Soundcloud

7. Hookworms‘Radio Tokyo’ (Too Pure) 7” single out 27th May

Guest Informant: Austin Brown of Parquet Courts

8. Tyvek‘Seawalls’ (In The Red) from album ‘On Triple Beams’

9. James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk‘Haftorang’ (Important) from album ‘The Watchers’ (via Soundcloud)

10. Cousins‘What’s Your Name’ (-) from album ‘The Halls of Wickwire’

11. Eleanor Friedberger ‘Stare At The Sun’ (Merge) from album ‘Personal Record’ out 4th June (download at

12. Running ‘Controversial PR’ (Castle Face) from forthcoming album ‘Vaguely Ethnic’

13. Milky Onions‘Powering Down’ (-) forthcoming single 

All Back No Front #11


This week I interviewed Josh Homme for Xfm. In his laconic drawl the imposing Queens of the Stone Age frontman said: ‘I love to surprise people, I love to musically hang ‘em upside down by their ankles and wring ‘em out like a wet towel.’

It serves as an accurate way of describing the way each of the songs included on this new podcast have affected me these past few weeks.

I knew Thee Oh Sees’ Toe Cutter Thumb Buster would be an opener from the second I heard its rumbling, lethargic riff on Tom Ravenscroft’s 6 Music show a couple of Fridays ago*. Elsewhere on the new ABNF there’s a jazz funk party, terrifically brutal noise generated by a drum-mounted oscillator, refreshing Cali-inspired summer pop, dark doomy Calgarian treasure which sounds like it was recorded in the Rotherhithe Tunnel and a song with a chorus so catchy you’ll need some kind of lobotomy to escape it.

I’m also chuffed to have Pitchfork’s UK-based Associate Editor Laura Snapes on as Guest Informant.

During our chat we discuss the future of the music press, the various differences between UK and US music writing, The National’s new album and her decision to drop out of university to work at the NME. Laura also recommends a stack of music she’s currently enjoying and chooses to play some crinkled new wave funk by Pat Jordache and the rousingly optimistic Runner by Laura Stevenson and the Cans.

It’s an hour of music designed to delight, surprise and, perhaps occasionally, disgust.

*I’m all too aware that saying this now might mean you won’t ever make it to the podcast, but the new Oh Sees album, Floating Coffin, is worth dropping everything to go and listen to immediately.


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All Back No Front 11

1. Thee Oh Sees‘Toe Cutter Thumb Buster’ (Castle Face) from album ‘Floating Coffin’

2. Emanative‘Black Enchantment’ (Home Planet) from album ‘Love in Outer Space’ (via Bandcamp)

3. Hani Zahra‘Cannibal Crime (Wait Wait Wait)’ (self-released) from album ‘Along Those Lines’

4. Black Pus ‘Hear No Evil’ (Thrill Jockey) from album ‘All My Relations’

5. Pat Jordache ‘Fields Laying Fallow’ (self-released) from album ‘Hunger’ (via Bandcamp)

Guest Informant: Laura Snapes, Pitchfork

6. Laura Stevenson & The Cans ‘Runner’ (Don Giovanni) from album ‘Wheels’

7. Ana Helder‘Beating PC’ (Cómeme) from ‘Beating PC’ EP

8. NEEDS‘I Wish There Was Something I Could Call You People’ (Bart Records) from album ‘The Accursed Share’ (via Bandcamp)

9. Un Blonde ‘Spine’ (self-released) from mini album ‘Un Blonde’ (via Bandcamp)

10. Los Porcos‘Jesus Luvs U Baby’(-) via Soundcloud

11. Strange U‘Klaatu Barada Nikito’ (Eglo) from ‘Scarlet Jungle’ EP

12. Fryars‘On Your Own’ (679) via Soundcloud

All Back No Front #10


Like some flat-tyred truck stuck in a provincial lay-by, All Back No Front podcast number 10 has struggled for a while to achieve roadworthiness. There are various reasons for this, all of which I’ll spare you now.

But, finally, here it is, brimming with the noises that have been swimming around my head for the past month or so. Sixteen songs varying wildly in tone, texture and persuasion, plus a Guest Informant interviewee in the shape of Ty Segall.

The Ty Segall.

The heroically prolific West Coast musician joins me on a crackly line from North Carolina to discuss his voracious work-rate; the joys of surfing; and how exactly one should pronounce his name. Given the nature of the feature, he is also good enough to share not one but two musical nods, in the form of Ex-Cult and Night Beats.  

All Back No Front #10

1. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard ‘Eyes Like The Sky’ (-) from album ‘Eyes Like The Sky’

2. Caveman ‘In The City’ (Fat Possum) from album ‘Caveman’ out 2nd April

3. Melt Yourself Down ‘Fix My Life’ (Leaf) 12” single

4. Chester Watson ‘Gumball [Prod. Chuck Inglish]’ (-) from ‘Phantom’ mixtape

5. Empty Pools ‘Small Talk’ (Battle) 7” single

6. DJ Rashad ‘Rollin’ (Hyperdub) from ‘Rollin’ EP out 18th March

7. Salt Cathedral ‘Take Me To The Sea’ (-) via Soundcloud

8. Ex-Cult ‘Shot The Beehive’ (Goner) from album ‘Ex-Cult’ 


9. Night Beats ‘Puppet on a String’ (Trouble in Mind) from album ‘Night Beats’

10. New Jackson ‘Sat Around Here Waiting’ (Hivern) from 12” EP 

11. Samantha Crain ‘Never Going Back’ (Ramseur) from album ‘Kid Face’ 

12. East India Youth ‘Heaven, How Long’ (Quietus Phonographic Corporation) from ‘Hostel’ EP out 25th March

13. Colin Stetson ‘High Above A Grey Green Sea’ (Constellation) from album ‘New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light’ out 30th April

14. Death & Vanilla ‘From Above’ (The Great Pop Supplement) 7” single

15. Karen Gwyer ‘Lentil’ (No Pain in Pop) from album ‘Needs Continuum’ 

16. Pageants ‘Musings of the Tide’ (Eye Dull Records) 7” single 

All Back No Front #10 by All Back No Front Podcast on Mixcloud 

All Back No Front #9


I know a guy! Who can do what you do cheaper!’ screeches Dave O’Connor - frontman of my new favourite band TV Freaks - on the blistering Freelancer.

Dave knows we all live in fear of being usurped.  Ironically that’s exactly what his gloriously snotty, brash three-piece Hamilton outfit do to Sydney’s The Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys at the start of this week’s podcast.

And so it is ABNF#9. Another trolleyfull of assorted whizzbangs, plucked gleefully from the shelves of the musical supermarket.

Surrender to the shake of the snaking drive of Detroit’s Protomartyr, or lope in a hopeless trance to the swirling Chilean Krautrock of Föllakzoid.  Slink through the streets to louche ‘wu-woohs’ from Perpignan, shrink in delighted terror to a post-punk techno cover out of Dublin, and join me in finally getting closure on the restless hunt for a piece of tribal thunder, a search which has dragged on for months (and months).

Rather than tap out any more platitudinous mulch trying to describe what’s in the new pod, I’ll just ask you to listen. Preferably with headphones. Not only does it make for a right rum bunch of new musical excitement, but CMU Editor Andy Malt is good enough to drop in as Guest Informant, armed with a delightful bit of sinister Swedish pop drama.

Thank you.

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All Back No Front #9

1. TV Freaks ‘Freelancer’ (Schizophrenic Records) from 7” EP (via Weird Canada)

2. The Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys ‘Any Day Now’ (RIP Society) from album ‘Ready For Boredom’

3. Uptown XO ‘Finding My Way’ (Mello) from album ‘Colour de Gray’

4. Protomartyr ‘Ypsilanti’ (Urinal Cake) from album ‘All Passion No Technique’

5. Föllakzoid ‘99’ (Sacred Bones) from album ‘2’

6. The Limiñanas ‘Longanisse’ (Hozac)

7. This Is Head ‘A B Version’ (Adrian Recordings) from album ‘The Album ID’

8. Girl Band ‘Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?’ (Quarter Inch Collective) from ‘Quompilation #3’

9. KH ‘The Track I’ve Been Playing That People Keep Asking About And That Joy Used In His RA Mix And Daphni Played On Boiler Room’ (white)

10. Landshapes ‘Racehorse’ (via Souncloud)

11. Snasen ‘Failing Upwards’ (Sellout!) from ‘Failing Upwards’ EP (via XLR8R)

12. Reversing Falls ‘Curse This Place’ (via Bandcamp)

13. Karriem Riggins ‘Matador’ (Stones Throw) from album ‘Alone Together’

14. Torres ‘Come To Terms’ (via Bandcamp) from album ‘Torres’ 

All Back No Front #8 


The eighth All Back No Front contains a lot of guitar music, though I can’t confirm if it is indicative of 2013’s much discussed Great Rock Re-Revolution (©). The podcast was compiled about three weeks ago, recorded two weeks ago, and faffed about with endlessly until last night.

Tomorrow (26th January) Xfm’s John Kennedy is laying on an amazing day of live music at the Barfly in Camden: the X-Posure Live All Dayer is an undoubted annual music highlight and this year’s line up includes Wolf AliceDrengeTemplesLULSThis Many BoyfriendsNadine ShahFrancobolloAtomic Suplex and Balaklava Kid & Dad, a fantastic Norwich two-piece who John brings to the table as this week’s Guest Informant.  He also throws in some reworked Delta 5 and joins me for a chat.

Elsewhere there’s the much-talked about Parquet Courts; two amazing releases on the PNKSLM label; folk from both Norway and New York; a couple of tasty shoegaze moments; astounding Twin Peaks-referencing electronics and a new Ty Segall project (which, given the man is so prolific, has the potential to be a new weekly feature).

Thank you for coming back.

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All Back No Front #8

1. Parquet Courts ‘Borrowed Time’ (What’s Your Rupture? / Dull Tools) from album ‘Light Up Gold’

2. Sudakistan ‘El Movimiento’ (PNKSLM)

3. Buffalo Tide ‘Mädchen Amick’ (No Pain in Pop) from ‘Bedroom Pop 2’ compilation

4. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete ‘Medicine To Cure Medicine Sickness’ (Sonic Cathedral) from ‘Psych For Sore Eyes’ compilation

5. Leif Vollebekk ‘Off The Main Drag’(Outside Music)from album ‘North Americana’

6. Freelove Fenner ‘Pineapple Hair’ (Fixture) from ‘Pineapple Hair’ EP (via The Line of Best Fit: Oh! Canada 22 compilation)

7. Delta 5 ‘Mind Your Own Business (Deerhoof Remix)’ (Blue Apple) from ‘Singles and Sessions’ compilation

8. Balaclava Kid & Dad ‘Swarfega’ (via Bandcamp) from album ‘Borth’

9. Blanck Mass ‘Hellion Earth’ (via Soundcloud)

10. Wilsen ‘Anahita’ (self-released) from album ‘Sirens’

11. Thee MVPs ‘Woman is a Danger Cat’ (PNKSLM) 7” single

12. Red Sea ‘Tandem Stye’ (via Bandcamp)

13. Beat Mark ‘Move On’ (Soft Power) from ‘Move On’ cassette

14. Fuzz ‘Fuzz’ Fourth Dream’ (Trouble in Mind) b-side of 7” single

15. Celebration ‘Tomorrow’s Here Today’ (via Bandcamp)

All Back No Front #7

Given that it’s only a few days before Christmas there’s a good chance you won’t be reading this, or listening to this podcast, where you normally would.

You might be travelling somewhere, or catching a break from shopping (or listening while shopping), or using it to get a few minutes to yourself away from the family. Or even playing it to the family (as a way of convincing them to let you have a few minutes to yourself). You might be listening to it as the first podcast you’ve downloaded on to some sort of new MP3 player. Of course, you might be listening while working normal hours throughout the festive period, as more people seem to do each year.

There was a temptation to do an end of year retrospective but instead I’ve chosen a few new things from bands or artists who released records I liked in 2012, ie. Vondelpark, A$AP Rocky (along with Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar et al) and Sauna Youth. There’s also brand new Ela Orleans, Marnie Stern and Torche, excellent new releases on No Pain in Pop and Sonic Router and swooping ambience from Distances. I also finally catch up with the Mac DeMarco bandwagon, having spent much of the past week caught up in the ramshackle, Richman-esque charm of his recent album ‘2’.

A good portion of these songs, and about another 30 or 40 that I couldn’t fit in, will be played on a show I’m presenting on BBC 6 Music on Friday 28th December, when I’ll be covering Tom Ravenscroft.  If, like me, you enjoyed the Goat album this year, you should listen in because the Swedish band have agreed to put together an exclusive mix for me. I’ll also be depping for Steve Lamacq from 4pm on 6 on Boxing Day.

While typing this I’m half watching a documentary about Chas and Dave on BBC4. It’s really very good indeed, and reminds me of hazy old pubs with sticky carpets and my late grandad’s whistling. I think I should probably go to bed. Catch the doc on the iPlayer while you still can.   

Merry Christmas, and thanks for listening this year.


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All Back No Front #7 // 21.12.12

1. Ela Orleans ‘J’ai Bien Du Chagrin’ (ClanDestine) from album ‘Tumult in Clouds’

2. Xenia Rubinos ‘Hair Receding’ (via Bandcamp) from album ‘Magic Trix’

3. Despot ‘House Made of Bricks’ (Live on KEXP)

4. Sauna Youth ‘Oh Joel’ (Static Shock) 7” single

5. Dyymond of Durham ‘Hunger’ (No Pain in Pop) from ‘The Bedroom Club II’ compilation

6. Jessica Sligter ‘The Perfect Vessel’ (Hubro) from album ‘Fear & The Framing’

7. Vondelpark ‘Dracula’ (R&S) 10” single

8. Marnie Stern ‘Year of The Glad’ (Kill Rock Stars) from forthcoming album ‘The Chronicles of Marnia’

9. Hav Lyfe ‘Wraplyf 2’ (Sonic Router) from album ‘Hav Lyfe’ out 4th July

10. Torche ‘Harmonslaught’ (Amnesian/No Idea) 7” single

11. Distances ‘His Geese Are Swans’ (Headway) from album ‘Distances’

12. Haiku Salut ‘Los Elefantes’ (How Does It Feel To Be Loved) free download out 7th January

13. Mac DeMarco ‘Sherrill’ (Captured Tracks) from album ‘2’

14. A$AP Rocky ‘1 Train ft. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T’ (A$AP Worldwide/Sony) from album ‘LongLiveA$AP’ out 15th January

All Back No Front #7 by All Back No Front Podcast on Mixcloud